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1992. A "Neo-Heathen" army rises up in Norway. This army states they are the Spiritual descendants of the Vikings and claim Odin as their God. They also state that the time for Justice in Norway had come.

Within a few days Fantoft Stave Church - a historical landmark built in the 1200's on what was formerly the site of Pagan sacred grounds - was burned to the ground. The 3 leaders of this army stated it was Justice for the church burning Pagan Vikings at the stake, stealing Viking lands, and building a church on the ruins on a Pagan Temple the church had destroyed. Over the next 4 years, over 50 other churches in Norway are also burned to the ground.

In 1996, Norwegian police make raids on the homes of some members of the "army". One of the leaders of the group declared the police to be the "lapdogs of the christian might" and attacked the police with a flaming torch. He was shot and killed. The Norwegian courts ruled the police acted in self defense. The other 2 leaders were arrested, and put on trial. One of them told Norwegian courts - "I do not recognize this court as my judge. Odin is my judge." He was later aquited due to lack of evidence of his involemennt in the arsons. The other freely confessed to being an active participant in the burnings. He was sentenced to 21 years in prison - the maximum sentence allowed in Norwegian law. 

2009. The leader sentenced to prison in released on parole.

2011. The leader who claimed Odin was his judge gives an interview to the Norwegian media. When asked if he had regrets about what happened he replied, "Yes. There should have been more churches burned. There will be more."

It should be noted that this "army" never harmed a human being in the 4 years. If there were people in the church, they were always careful to pull the people from the church before burning it.

Living in North America as most of us on the site do, I was wondering: Do we as fellow Pagans agree with what the Norwegian Pagans did? Do we agree that the time for Justice has come? And if so, does the punishment of burning their churches fit the crimes of the church from the past? 

Or do we feel the end does not justify the means?

What do you think?

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Comment by Lobo Yana Shen on February 14, 2012 at 9:10pm

I have a couple of rituals for justice. Both caution before starting to consider two things: Actions are swift, and without regard to consequences. Also, justice can go two ways. Are you prepared to be wrong, and pay the consequences? In the end I have learned to ask, and do divination. On larger issues the Goddess has not ever failed to be entirely clear.

Comment by Lobo Yana Shen on February 12, 2012 at 8:51pm

A soldier got on an airplane and the only seat left was the aisle seat beside two Muslim men.

He seated, loosened his tie and took off his shoes.

One of the other men said he was thirsty and wanted a Coke.

The obviously tired soldier offered to go get it for him.

While he was gone the Muslim spit in his shoe.

He was gone a while, and just as he was seated, the other one wanted a Coke.

He went again, and returned.

While he was gone, the other man spit in his other shoe.

A while later the flight ended and the soldier put his shoes on.

Of course he knew immediately what had happened.

In a loud voice he said:

How long must this silly behavior go on,

this spitting in shoes and pissing in Cokes.

Will any of us ever learn?

Comment by Lobo Yana Shen on February 12, 2012 at 8:44pm

I thought some time ago that the  "christian" concept of hell could well be them seeing their karma for burning people at the stake. I think the far crueler punishment is to let them die and face karma after leaving this life. We could invoke the justice of karma, where we have the right to take from them three times as much as they took, but this is a spiritual action, not for us to form an army. 

There is another chapter to this. "christians" some years ago took on worshiping Mammon, The father of lies, and the destroyer. Over time their children have seen that they live their religion as hypocrisy, and don't believe them. Their children have seen they have no real faith. Many of them now are pagan, much to the horror of their families. They have watched their parents have lasting battles, and turned gay, again much to the horror of their families. You see where this goes. Just as in Canada, the "christians" are shrinking in number, and being overrun by other beliefs.

I find this profoundly sad. If they lived "in spirit, and in truth" like their Bible says, they would be unstoppable as a faith. Instead, they become politically active and try to rule us from their couches in front of their televisions. They try to force us to live their "faith" without believing it like they do.

The most basic law of any belief is unconditional love. If we gathered in numbers with this, we would be unstoppable. So as pagans, we play video games and watch tv, like the "christians." Then we have battles.

Ghandi said it best: "I can think of hundreds of causes worth dying for. I can not think of any causes worth killing for." I may differ enough from him to kill in defense of my family.

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