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I have tried something like this before with much sucess.


This spell is designed to break a hex or spell cast by another and send it back to them without any comeback on you
whatsoever. The person who originally cast the spell (if nasty or
evil) will receives this back threefold as is the wiccan way. You,
on the other hand, are free from the hex and are only returning it to
the sender. Nothing will happen and the spell will be broken forever.

What you will need:

One mirror - preferably a hand-held one
One small piece of black string - if you can only get the ordinary color
then blacken it with whatever is easiest for you
1 black candle
I stick of incense - you can choose from Juniper, Jasmine, Rose,
Frankincense or Lavender


Cast a circle around you so that you are completely in the middle of it. This circle
does not have to be visible so you can use your finger, a wand, a piece
of stick or whatever. Sit in the middle of this circle and hold your
hand-mirror up to your face and say:

"I am immune to their hate,
their malice.
I will not accept
their guilt
or their intolerance.
Their words, thoughts
and actions
are no bane to me.

Light your black candle and hold the mirror behind the candle and say:

"As this mirror reflects back the light of this candle

so shall these things be reflected back to their sender (or senders).

As the mirror neither adds nor subtracts from the reflection

I shall add no malice nor subtract and from which I send back.

As it comes from me so shall it return to them."

Tie your black piece of string with THREE knots and as you tie each knot you

"With this string I bind this spell,

As I will it, so moth it be.

Allow the candle and incense to burn out on in their own time then close your circle.
When this is done immediately bury the string and mirror somewhere that
is not on or near your property and never return to it.

Hope you enjoyed this spell

Rochelle Moore - Author

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Good post Sophia, I also use mirror spell with success .
Here a little song to put anyone in the mood!
PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT ☽o☾♡ ☼ Mr.Dee.
I love it! Thanks for the great reply Mr. Dee!
Blessings of Peace,
WOW ! that is soo Awesome !!! Im going to youtube to download that to my phone. I love it ! And youre right it does get ye in the mood. lol. Thank a Million, times 3. hugs and Loves, Stormyreigns
Effective, this spell!
I've practised this kind of ritual whenever I needed it, but, after casting the circle I usually directed the reflection of the light of the candle pointing the mirror to each one of the four cardinal quarters and saying words such as the following:
"May all the evil coming from the North go back to the North by the power of the Earth;
May all the evil coming from the East go back to the East by the power of the Air;
May all the evil coming from the South go back to the South by the power of the Fire;
May all the evil coming from the West go back to the West by the power of the Water
And this all shall be done by the threefold law, in light, wisdom and love"

Thanks for sharing Sophia!

Brightest blessings,

Greetings Branwen - this is a great addition to this mirror spell. Did you write this yourself? I really like it a lot and think it would be very effective!

Thanks so much for sharing it.
Blessings, Sophia!

I've read several Scott Cunningham's books and another one by Gilberto Lascariz,(a Wiccan author from Venezuela that lives in Portugal), and some others. I guess these words are adapted from their works, since I've built my prayers and chants according to a mixture of my own feelings and thoughts and the several information I saved into my unconscious mind.

P.S. I also have my own Book of Shadows, but most of the texts I've written down pop up into my mind whenever I think of starting any kind of ritual.

In Love and Light,

"I am immune to their hate,
their malice.
I will not accept
their guilt
or their intolerance.
Their words, thoughts
and actions
are no bane to me.

sending it to its highest good
with light love and blessings

I love this. It is so simple and yet elegant! Thank you for sharing this.
Love 'n Light,
Hi and thanks for posting this spell. I need alllll the assistance & help to reverse hex/spells that are being done by my 2 coworkers on a dialy bases since last yr. Sept/nov. You also wrote that you tried something like this mirrow spell before, which was a complete sucess. Can you also post that spell? Thanks! *

HI Bren


Hope you find a way to successfully banish those who would send harm your way.


blessed be



Hi Bren


this is a link to another post that you might find helpful



blessed be


Hi Cara!

Thanks for the response.


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