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Greetings 2 Replies

Started by Blake Kirk in Introductions. Last reply by Stacy-of-Umpqua 3 hours ago.

Mirror Spell - to Reverse a Spell or Hex Put on You 15 Replies

Started by Sophia Anila in Spells and Potions. Last reply by Ronald Aug 11.

Wondering if this is authentic, if not what is? 1 Reply

Started by Carlos S. in Magickal Tools. Last reply by Lobo Yana Shen Jul 21.

Book of Mirrors 34 Replies

Started by Cara in Magickal Lessons. Last reply by Sophia Anila Jul 6.

Merry Meet .... come and chat 16 Replies

Started by Cara in Group Chat Threads. Last reply by Miranda McQueen Jun 29.

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Welcome to the Wise Witches Society!

Welcome to the Wise Witches Society!!! Be sure and sign up and create an account so that you will have access to all of the content and benefits here on the site like our top-notch library and our forums which has more Wicca and Pagan information than most web sites. Yes, The Wise Witches Society network has everything a serious witch could ask for! Multiple Books of Shadows, lessons, spells, rituals and much, much more.

Our forums are full of everything and anything you could possibly need and they are waiting for you to add more. There's everything from Potions to Poetry and Herbs to High Magick! We are adding new content everyday so be sure to sign up now so you won't miss a thing!

We are also looking for men and women who would be interested in starting and/or leading on-line groups and meetings of various kinds as well as to fill moderators.and other positions. If interested, please contact Sophia Anila, Cara, Faxon or Pamylle.

Blessed Be!
Sophia Anila, Founder, The Wise Witches Society, LLC

Blog Posts

Olympian Spirits – A Quick But Useful Review

Olympian spirits (or Olympic spirits, Olympick spirits) refers to seven (or sometimes fourteen) spirits…


Posted by Storm Born on September 7, 2014 at 11:38am

Bideford Three

Posted by Paul Hart on September 1, 2014 at 7:47am

Ten of Pentacles

This is a show of how life is. Some things complete, some in work, all at the same time.

Ten of Pentacles

Have a Blessed day

Posted by Lobo Yana Shen on August 4, 2014 at 9:32pm

Nine of Pentacles

As I do these I am watching how the math and sacred form are so part of the cards.

Nine of Pentacles

As always, Bright Blessings

Posted by Lobo Yana Shen on August 4, 2014 at 9:29pm

Eight of Pentacles

I find it interesting how each stage represents completion in one way, but work in progress in another.

Eight of Pentacles



Posted by Lobo Yana Shen on August 2, 2014 at 10:07pm

Seven of Pentacles

With the seven we see a completion in one way, but continued progress in others.

Seven of Pentacles

Bright Blessings

Posted by Lobo Yana Shen on July 31, 2014 at 8:25pm


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    Merry Meet Everyone!

    Thank you so much Pamylle and everyone else here for all you do here for our members.



    A Member has ask me to remind you to please sign out of the site when you leave so that we have a true reflection of who is online and who really is not. Many members like to chat and if you do not sign out it will appear as though you are still here.

    Also, speaking of chat, if you open up the chat box and turn up the volume you will be able to hear when someone is in the chat room waiting to chat with other members, otherwise you will not know unless you go there.

    See you all there!
    Bright Blessings,
    Sophia Anila


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